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Wellness Zone

We all need a little well-being time… close your eyes, breathe and relax in our Spa-Area.

Forget all the stress and treat yourself some intimates and relaxing moments with massages and spa treatments in our huge SPA AREA on the Panoramic Penthouse.

For a relaxing stay choose the PACKAGES HOTEL + RELAX, you can book massages and use the SPA AREA where you can find everything  your heart desires:

  • Massages
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Double sit Hot Tub Whirlpool
  • Chaise longue ( Chill-Out Zone)
  • Relaxation music
  • Incense, candles and soft lighting
  • Consulting on: Yoga, Meditation, Breathing ...

Wellness & Beauty: Well-being is not everything, but without well-being everything isn’t perfect…

Feel well and comfortable in your own skin… Let us spoil you with the scents of flowers and the calm and magic summer days. Feeling well about oneself is not just a fleeting feeling, but a positive state of mind, a profound harmony and a satisfying lightness.


Our emotions…

Shiro Dhara massage:

from "Shiro": head and "Dhara": brindle. It is an ancient treatment that produces a steady stream of warm oil on the forehead, the regeneration of the nervous system to a sense of peace and elimination of fear. Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, irritability... but also diseases such as migraine, pain in the ears, nose, throat, eyes... be alleviated. The treatment protects the heart and reduces the excess of body temperature, relieves tension and creates a feeling of "rebirth".

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 70,00 €

Massagge for a Silky Skin:

First the whole body is rubbed with Cervia’s salt, then applied a mud rich of essential oils. The "perfect food" for the skin, stimulates circulation, streamlining and facilitating the drainage of liquids. The treatment stimulates and rejuvenates the body and mind, and provides a very well body sensations leaving a very smooth and silky skin.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Ayurvedica massage:

The massage is carried out with vegetable and essential oils all over your body, which is one of the oldest drugs of mankind. This very dynamic and invigorating massage, is the harmonization of the right side of the body with the left (and vice versa) are aligned. After the massage, you will have the impression that her body is completely drained. In India this type of technology for anti-aging treatments and used to strengthen the immune system.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Energy points massage:

Energy points are points near certain blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. They support the stimulation of the tissue and help the body to discharge unnecessary and harmful substances. It is a very relaxing massage which simply more quality of life, which caresses the senses.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Ayurveda + Shiro Dhara massage:

The combination of this two treatments meet the massage’s main criteria… The vegetable and essential oils provide a general harmonization. A steady stream of warm oil on the forehead regenerate the nervous system…

Duration of treatment: 80 min.
Price: 100,00 €

Aromatic massage with Rose essences:

The Rose, Queen of the aromatic plants essences is a love symbol. This fragrance that remind femininity, assumes pursuit of a state of balance and harmony between the body and the mind in which one recovers energy, health and beauty. Let yourself pamper by the rose’s delicacy.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Aniseed massage:

Anise is a very special essence. The slight sweetness of the balsamic vinegar gives his seasoning. A sweet scent that causes the revival of male beauty and gave him a gentle breath, to open in all its splendor... 

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Thai massage:

This is a massage is done while lying on the floor on a special mat. It doesn’t require the use of oils or to be unclothed. The hands and fingers press to specific points on the body, and this tries to activate the energy flows. Strengthening the ability of self-healing is well supported with this massage.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Lymphatic drainage

This is a treatment that stimulates and promotes a good lymph’s flow. It is a very gentle, slow and repetitive massage that remove the excess toxic-fluid in the body, which avoids increasing stress. That’s suitable for all people, especially after surgery or illness and for all those who have a sedentary job, and ideal for pregnant women before and after birth.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Aromatherapy and Oil-massage:

It is a relaxing massage for the whole body, total relaxation in combination of excellent essential oils. This synergy gives you a relief sensation to all the body parts: back, legs, feet, arms, neck and head…

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Price: 60,00 €

Foot massage:

Our feet are holy. The feet remain in contact with Mother Earth, which has a large amount of energy. A good foot massage activates the harmony and peaceful feelings… Who would not want a foot massage, whether in a quiet oasis of comfort or on the beach?

Duration of treatment: 40 min.
Price: 40,00 €

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